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Chicagoland Tree Nursery, 10+ Acre Garden Center full of beautiful Evergreen Trees!

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Located in Naperville / Bolinbrook, Evergreen Tree Variety

We provide a variety of Evergreen Trees to residents of the Chicagoland area.  Our 10+ Acre Tree nursery is home to a wide variety of evergreen trees that are perfect for your home, garden, or business.  At Home Landscape Materials we know what it takes to grow, maintain, and design evergreen trees in your back yard.  Our horticulturists are here to support you with any questions you have on Evergreen trees.



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Located at 751 N Bolingbrook Dr, Bolingbrook, IL

Home Landscape Materials is Chicagoland’s premier choice for all things plants, trees, and anything related to gardening.  We pride ourselves as being the experts on all things evergreen trees.

Check out our variety of evergreen tree options

Arborvitae, Dark Green3′
Arborvitae, Dark Green3’/4′
Arborvitae, Dark Green5/6′
Arborvitae, Dark Green6-‘7’
Arborvitae, Dark Green7/8′
Arborvitae, Dark Green9′
Arborvitae, Emerald Green3′-4′
Arborvitae, Emerald Green4′-5′
Arborvitae, Emerald Green5′ Spiral
Arborvitae, Emerald Green5-6′
Arborvitae, Emerald Green6/7′
Arborvitae, Emerald Green7/8′
Arborvitae, Fire Chief2 gal.
Arborvitae, Fire Chief3 & 5 gal.
Arborvitae, Globe (Little Gt.)3 gal.
Arborvitae, Globe (Woodward)15/18″
Arborvitae, Globe Woodward30″
Arborvitae, Green Giant5/6′
Arborvitae, Green Giant7’/8′
Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball3 gal.
Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball5 gal.
Arborvitae, Stanley Cup 
Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)3’/4′
Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)4.5’/5′
Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)5/6′
Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)7′-8′
Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)8’/9′
Azalea, Cascade#3
Azalea, Christina#3
Azalea, Delaware Valley#3
Azalea, Gibraltar#3
Azalea, Karens#3
Azalea, Renee Michelle#3
Azalea, Stewart#3
Boxwood, Green Gem18″/21″
Boxwood, Green Gem21/24″
Boxwood, Green Gem30/36″
Boxwood, Green Mound#5 15/18″
Boxwood, Green Mound15″
Boxwood, Green Mountain#3 18/21″
Boxwood, Green Mountain2 gal.
Boxwood, Green Mountain21-24″
Boxwood, Green Mountain24-30″
Boxwood, Green Mountain30-36″
Boxwood, Green Mountain36″-42″
Boxwood, Green Mountain42″-48″
Boxwood, Green Mountain4-4.5′
Boxwood, Green Mountain48″
Boxwood, Green Mountain Bear 
Boxwood, Green Mountain Spiral30″
Boxwood, Green Velvet#2 & #3
Boxwood, Green Velvet15/18″
Boxwood, Green Velvet18″/21″
Boxwood, Green Velvet21-24″
Boxwood, Green Velvet30″/36″
Cypress, Boulevard Flat Top3.5/4′
Cypress, Boulevard Pom-Pom3.5/4′
Cypress, Confusious Hinoki4-4.5′
Cypress, Gold Mop# 7
Cypress, Gold Mop#2
Cypress, Gold Mop#3
Cypress, Gold Mop#5
Euonymus, Blondy#5
Euonymus, Gaiety#2
Euonymus, Gaiety#5
Euonymus, Gold#2
Euonymus, Gold#5
Euonymus, Moonshadow#1
Euonymus, Moonshadow#2
Euonymus, Moonshadow#3
Euonymus, Sarcoxie#5
Euonymus, Vegetus#5
Hemlock, Canadian5/6′
Holly, Blue Prince#3
Holly, Blue Prince#7, 24″
Holly, Blue Princess#3
Holly, Blue Princess#7
Holly, Blue Princess5 gal.
Holly, Sky Pencil#3
Holly, The Royal Family#3 & #5
Holly, The Royal Family#7
Inkberry, Gem Box3 gal.
Inkberry, Green Magic3 gal.
Juniper, Andorra#3
Juniper, Blue Chip#3
Juniper, Blue Rug#3
Juniper, Blue Star#2 & #3
Juniper, Calgary Carpet#3
Juniper, Daubs Frosted3′ STD
Juniper, Gold Coast#3
Juniper, Gold Cone4′
Juniper, Gold Cone Pom Pom3-3.5′
Juniper, Grey Owl5 gal.
Juniper, Pom Pom Gold Star2-3′
Juniper, Pom Pom Sea Green3-4′
Juniper, Poodle 
Juniper, Sea Green#3
Juniper, Sea Green#5
Juniper, Tam#5
Pine, Bosnian4/5′
Pine, Emerald Arrow4/5′
Pine, Mugo ‘Enci’#3
Pine, Mugo ‘Enci’#5
Pine, Vanderwolf (Blue)7/8′
Pine, White5’/6′
Pine, White6/7′
Pine, White7’/8′
Pine, White8’/9′
Pine, White (Columnar)5’/6′
Rhododendron, Cat. Album#5
Rhododendron, Cat. Boursault#3
Rhododendron, Chionoides#5
Rhododendron, Lakeview Pink3 gal.
Rhododendron, Nova Zembla#3
Rhododendron, PJM#5 /18-24″
Rhododendron, PJM Elite3 & 5 GAL
Rhododendron, PJM Elite3 gal. 15″
Rhododendron, PJM Landmark#3
Rhododendron, Rosem Elegans#3
Spruce, Alberta# 10
Spruce, Alberta#3 24″
Spruce, Alberta#7 42″-48″
Spruce, Alberta36-42″
Spruce, Alberta Spiral#7 4-5′
Spruce, Alberta Spiral18″ COMBO
Spruce, Alberta Spiral19″ planter
Spruce, Alberta SpiralCOMBO 4′
Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes4′ #10
Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes6′ #20
Spruce, Bacheri6-7′
Spruce, Bacheri7′-8′
Spruce, Birds Nest3 Gal.
Spruce, Black Hills5-6′
Spruce, Black Hills6-7′
Spruce, Black Hills7/8′
Spruce, Colo. Blue5-6′
Spruce, Colo. Blue7′
Spruce, Colo. Blue7’/8′
Spruce, Colo. Blue8/9′
Spruce, Colo. Blue9’/10′
Spruce, Columnar Totem4′-5′
Spruce, Fat Albert5/6′
Spruce, Fat Albert6/7′
Spruce, Fat Albert7′
Spruce, Fat Albert7/8′
Spruce, Fat Albert8/9′
Spruce, Globe#5 12-18″
Spruce, Globe18/24″
Spruce, Globe TF18/24″ STD
Spruce, Globe TF24-30″ #10
Spruce, Globe TF30″ STD
Spruce, Howell Dwrf Tiger Tail5/6′
Spruce, Norway5’/6′
Spruce, Norway7’/8′
Spruce, Norway8/9′
Spruce, Serbian7′
Yew, Densiformis#3
Yew, Densiformis#5 15″-18″
Yew, Densiformis#7 / 24″
Yew, Densiformis30″-36″
Yew, Globe (Browni)18″ 5 gal.
Yew, Globe (Browni)21/24″ #7
Yew, Hicksi24-30″
Yew, Hicksi3 gal.
Yew, Hicksi30″-36″
Yew, Hicksi36″
Yew, Hicksi4′
Yew, Hicksi5′
Yew, Upright4′
Yew, Upright (Capitata)3′
Yew, Upright (Capitata)36″-42″
Yew, Upright (Capitata)4′
Yew, Upright (Captain)15 gal. 48″
Yucca, Adam’s Needle1 gal.
Yucca, Adam’s Needle3 gal.
Yucca, Color Guard#3
Yucca, Color Guard19 cm

Here is a list of our Favorite Evergreen Trees:

Arborvitae, Dark Green

Arborvitae, Emerald Green

Arborvitae, Globe (Woodward/Hetzi)

Arborvitae, Holstrum

Arborvitae, Techney (Mission)

Arborvitae, Topiary

Azalea (all varieties)

Boxwood, Chicagoland

Boxwood, Green Gem

Boxwood, Green Mound

Boxwood, Green Mountain

Boxwood, Green Velvet

Boxwood, Wintergreen

Cypress, Gold Mop

Euonymus, Gaiety

Euonymus, Gold

Euonymus, Sarcoxie

Fir, Concolor

Fir, Douglas

Hemlock, Canadian

Holly, Blue Prince/Princess

Juniper, Andorra

Juniper, Blue Chip

Juniper, Blue Rug

Juniper, Blue Star

Juniper, Calgary Carpet

Juniper, Pom Pom

Juniper, Poodle

Juniper, Sea Green

Juniper, Tam

Juniper, Wichita Blue

Pine, Austrian

Pine, Mugo

Pine, White

Pine, Vanderwolf (Blue)

Rhododendron, (Varieties)

Rhododendron, PJM

Spruce, Alberta

Spruce, ‘Baby Blue Eyes’

Spruce, Black Hills

Spruce, Bizon Blue

Spruce, Blue Kosteri

Spruce, Colorado

Spruce, Fat Albert

Spruce, Globe

Spruce, Morheim Blue

Spruce, Norway

Yew, Densiformis

Yew, Globe (Browni)

Yew, Hicksi

Yew, Upright (Capitata)

Yucca, Adam’s Needle

Yucca, Gold Sword

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