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Crimson King Maple (pictured above)

At Home Landscape Materials we carry an assortment of trees that can be picked up by customers from the garden center, delivered by Home Landscape or delivered and planted by Home Landscape; all prices vary.

Tree Catalog

Beech, Tricolor

Birch, River Heritage

Birch, Whitespire

Cherry, Weeping

Chokecherry, Shubert

Crab, Brandy Wine

Crab, Louisa Weeping

Crab, Prairie Fire

Crab, Purple Prince

Crab, Profusion

Crab, Sargent

Crab, Snowdrift

Crab, Spring Snow

Cypress, Bald

Dogwood, Gold (Cornelian Cherry)

Dogwood, Kousa

Dogwood, Pagoda

Ginko, Autumn Gold

Hawthorn, Cockspur Thornless

Hawthorn, Washington

Hydrangea, Tardiva

Lilac, Japanese Tree

Linden, Greenspire

Locust, Skyline

Locust, Black/Common (Robinia)

Magnolia, Jane

Magnolia, Saucer

Magnolia, Royal Star

Maple, Amur Ginnila

Maple, Autumn Blaze

Maple, Crimson King

Maple, Norway (Emerald Luster)

Maple, Japanese (Bloodgood/Burgundy Lace/Moonfire)

Maple, Red Sunset

Maple, Sugar

Mulberry, Weeping

Oak, Burr

Oak, Pin

Oak, Swamp White

Pear, Bradford

Pear, Chanticleer

Plum, Canada Red

Plum, Newport

Red Bud

Red Bud, Forest Pansy

Rose of Sharon, Tree Form


Serviceberry, Cumulus

Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance

Tulip Tree

Willow, Corkscrew

Willow, Pussy Weeping

Willow, Weeping