Wide Selection of Shrubs from Evergreens to Deciduous

Chicago Shrubs perfect for your yard

At Home Landscape Materials Inc. we assist in a variety of landscaping plants needs for homeowners or businesses. There are many things that you can do with your yard and we will happily assist you in choosing what type of plants and trees to put around your home. Come visit our ten acre garden center for any of the following needs:

  • Evergreen Shrubs
  • Hedge Shrubs
  • Privacy Shrubs
  • Flowering Shrubs


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Chicago Shrubs perfect for your yard

Azalea, Exbury Irene Koster18-24″
Bamboo, Rufa19 CM
Barberry, Admiration3 gal.
Barberry, Bonanza Gold2 GAL
Barberry, Golden#2
Barberry, Helmond Pillar2 gal.
Barberry, Orange Rocket2 gal.
Barberry, Orange Rocket3 gal.
Barberry, Pygmy#2
Barberry, Pygmy#3
Barberry, Rosy Glow3 GAL
Barberry, Royal Burgandy3 GAL.
Barberry, Sunjoy Citrus3 gal.
Barberry, Sunjoy Gold Pillar2 gal.
Barberry, Sunjoy Gold Pillar3 gal.
Birch, Golden Treasure3 gal.
Birch, Magical Globe7 gal.
Blue Mist2 gal.
Bluebeard, Lil Miss Sunshine2 gal.
Burning Bush, Chicago Fire7 gal.
Burning Bush, Dwarf18/24″
Burning Bush, Dwarf36-42″
Burning Bush, Dwarf4/5′
Burning Bush, Dwarf42″
Burning Bush, Dwarf5 gal.
Butterfly Bush2 Gal.
Butterfly Bush3 Gal.
Butterfly Bush, Black Knight3 Gal.
Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Magi3 Gal.
Butterfly Bush, Lilac Chip#3
Butterfly Bush, Lo and Behold#1
Butterfly Bush, Lo and Behold#3
Butterfly Bush, Lo and Behold#3
Butterfly Bush, Miss Pearl2 gal.
Butterfly Bush, Miss Violet2 gal.
Butterfly Bush, Peacock#3
Butterfly Bush, Purple Haze3 Gal.
Button Bush Mystical Moonlight3 Gal.
Chokeberry, Black#5
Chokeberry, Low Scape3 gal.
Chokeberry, Red#5
Cotoneaster, Cranberry#3
Cotoneaster, Cranberry#5
Cotoneaster, Cranberry7 gal. STD
Cotoneaster, Peking3-4′ #5
Cranberry Bush5 gal.
Currant, Alpine#5
Currant, Greenmound#2
Currant, Greenmound#5
Deutzia, Yuki Cherry Blossom#2
Deutzia, Chardonnay Pearls#2
Deutzia, Chardonnay Pearls#3
Deutzia, Yuki Snowflake#2
Diervilla3 gal.
Diervilla, Cool Splash3 gal.
Diervilla, Cool Splash5 gal.
Diervilla, Kodiak Black3 gal.
Dogwood, Cardinal# 5
Dogwood, Grey8′
Dogwood, Isanti Red Twig#5
Dogwood, Ivory Halo#5
Dogwood, Red#5
Dogwood, Red3-4′
Dogwood, Variegated#3
Dogwood, Variegated#5
Dogwood, Yellow Twig3-4′
Elderberry, Black Lace#3
Elderberry, Lemon Lace#3
Elderberry, Licorice Stix#2
Forsythia, Green Stem – Dwarf5 gal.
Forsythia, Magical Gold3 gal.
Forsythia, Meadow Lark3-4′
Forsythia, Show Off3 gal.
Forsythia, Show Off Starlet2 gal.
Forsythia, Show Off Sugar Baby3 gal.
Forsythia, Spring Glory#5
Forsythia, Spring Glory3’/4′
Forsythia, Sunrise5 gal.
Fothergilla, Gardeni# 3
Hazelnut, Contorted7 GAl 36″
Honeysuckle, Arnold Red#5
Honeysuckle, Peaches and Cream#5
Hydrangea, Annabelle (white)#5 30-36″
Hydrangea, Annabelle (white)3 gal.
Hydrangea, Bella Anna#3
Hydrangea, Bloomstruck#2 Forced
Hydrangea, Bloomstruck2 gal.
Hydrangea, Bloomstruck3 gal.
Hydrangea, Bloomstruck5 GAL.
Hydrangea, Blushing Bride#2 Forced
Hydrangea, Blushing Bride2 gal.
Hydrangea, Blushing Bride3 gal
Hydrangea, Bobo2 gal.
Hydrangea, Bobo3 gal.
Hydrangea, Bobo5 gal.
Hydrangea, Bombshell5 gal.
Hydrangea, Cityline Mars2 gal.
Hydrangea, Cityline Mars3 gal.
Hydrangea, Climbing (Vine, whi#3
Hydrangea, Climbing (Vine, whi#5
Hydrangea, Climbing (Vine, whi#7
Hydrangea, Double Hot Pink2 Gal.
Hydrangea, Endless Sum# 2 forced
Hydrangea, Endless Sum#3
Hydrangea, Endless Sum#5
Hydrangea, Everlast Revolution2 gal.
Hydrangea, Fire and Ice5 gal.
Hydrangea, Fire Light3 gal.
Hydrangea, Glowing Embers#3
Hydrangea, Incrediball3 GAL
Hydrangea, Incrediball Blush3 GAL
Hydrangea, Invincibelle3 GAL
Hydrangea, Invincibelle II3 GAL
Hydrangea, Invincibelle Ruby3 GAL
Hydrangea, L.A. Dreamin3 gal.
Hydrangea, Lemon Daddy3 GAL
Hydrangea, Let’s Dance Big Eas2 gal.
Hydrangea, Let’s Dance Big Eas3 gal
Hydrangea, Let’s Dance Moonlig3 gal
Hydrangea, Let’s Dance Rhythmi2 gal
Hydrangea, Lime Light#3
Hydrangea, Lime Light#5
Hydrangea, Limelight30-36″
Hydrangea, Limelight4′
Hydrangea, Little Lamb3 gal.
Hydrangea, Little Lime2 gal
Hydrangea, Little Lime3 & 5 gal
Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire2 gal.
Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire3 gal.
Hydrangea, Mini Mauvett 
Hydrangea, Mystical Flame3 GAL
Hydrangea, Oak Leaf- Alice#3 & #5
Hydrangea, Phantom#7 18″
Hydrangea, Pinky Winky3 gal.
Hydrangea, Pinky Winky5 gal.
Hydrangea, Quick Fire# 5
Hydrangea, Quick Fire3 gal.
Hydrangea, Ruby Slippers#2
Hydrangea, Snow Queen#3
Hydrangea, Snow Queen18-24″
Hydrangea, Strawberry Sundae2 gal.
Hydrangea, Sugar Puff2 Gal.
Hydrangea, Tardiva#5
Hydrangea, Tiny Tuff Stuff3 gal.
Hydrangea, Tuff Stuff2 gal.
Hydrangea, Tuff Stuff3 gal.
Hydrangea, Tuff Stuff Red2 gal.
Hydrangea, Twist n Shout ES# 3
Hydrangea, Twist n Shout ES# 5
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry3 gal
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry5 gal.
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry7 gal. Tree
Itea, Little Henry3 gal
Kerria, Golden Guinea3 gal.
Lilac, Beauty of Moscow5 Gal
Lilac, Bloomerang2 gal
Lilac, Bloomerang3 gal
Lilac, Bloomerang Dark Purple3 gal
Lilac, Common#5
Lilac, Common3′
Lilac, Common30″
Lilac, Common5′
Lilac, Common – White#5
Lilac, Common – White#7
Lilac, Donald Wyman4/5′
Lilac, Donald Wyman6′
Lilac, Dwarf Korean#5
Lilac, French Avalanche#5
Lilac, Michael Buckner5 Gal
Lilac, Miss Kim#2
Lilac, Miss Kim#5
Lilac, Miss Kim24″
Lilac, Miss Kim36/42″
Lilac, MME. Lemoine5 Gal.
Lilac, Persian3/4′ # 5
Lilac, Scent and Sensibility3 Gal
Lilac, Sensation#5
Lilac, Tinkerbelle#5
Lilac, Tiny Dancer7 gal.
Lilac, Yankee Doodle5 Gal.
MockOrange, Pale Moon Beams#2
MockOrange,Snowwhite Sensation#3
Ninebark Diabolo#3
Ninebark Diabolo#5
Ninebark ‘Little Devil’#3
Ninebark, Amber Jubilee#3
Ninebark, Amber Jubilee#5
Ninebark, Center Glow2 gal.
Ninebark, Coppertina (mindia)#5 / # 7
Ninebark, Coppertina (mindia)3 gal.
Ninebark, Ginger Wine#5
Ninebark, Summerwine#3
Ninebark, Summerwine#5
Plum, Purple#5/3′
Plum, Purple4/5′
Plum, Purple5′
Potentilla, Dakota Sunspot#3
Potentilla, Goldfinger#3
Potentilla, Goldfinger2 gal.
Potentilla, McKay3 Gal.
Potentilla, Pink Paradise3 gal.
Privet, Cheyenne3′
Privet, Cheyenne4/5′
Privet, Vicary Gold#3
Quince, Double Take Scarlet3 gal.
Rose of Sharon#3
Rose of Sharon3/4′
Rose of Sharon3-4′
Rose of Sharon3-4′
Rose of Sharon3-4′
Rose of Sharon3-4′
Rose of Sharon4/5′
Rose of Sharon4/5′
Rose of Sharon4-5′
Rose of Sharon4-5′
Rose of Sharon – Dbl. Purple5-6′ shrub
Rose of Sharon – Dbl. Red5-6′ shrub
Rose of Sharon, Aphrodite4/5′
Rose of Sharon, Aphrodite5 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Ardens5 gal
Rose of Sharon, Blue Boy4/5′
Rose of Sharon, Blue Chiffon3 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Blue Satin3 Gal
Rose of Sharon, Blushing Bride3 GAL.
Rose of Sharon, Candide3 gal.
Rose of Sharon, China Chiffon3 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Diana4/5′
Rose of Sharon, Jean D’ Arc5 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Lavender Chiff5 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim2 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim3 Gal
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim Red2 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim Viole2 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Lucy5 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Purple Pillar3 gal
Rose of Sharon, Red Heart#5
Rose of Sharon, Red Heart4/5′
Rose of Sharon, Sugar Tip3 gal.
Rose of Sharon, Tahiti3 gal.
Smokebush, Golden Spirit5 gal.
Smokebush, Golden Spirit7 gal.
Smokebush, Royal Purple3 gal.
Smokebush, Royal Purple5 gal.
Smokebush, Royal Purple TF7 gal. STD
Snowberry, Candy Sensation3 gal.
Spirea, Big Bang#3
Spirea, Double Play Artist3 Gal
Spirea, Double Play Gold#2
Spirea, Double Play Gold#3
Spirea, Double Play Red#3
Spirea, Fire Light#3
Spirea, Gold Mound#3
Spirea, Goldflame#3
Spirea, Little Princess#5
Spirea, Magic Carpet#3
Spirea, Pink Parasol#3
Spirea, Shirobana#3
Spirea, Vanhoutte5 gal
Sumac, Grow Low#3
Sumac, Grow Low#5
Sumac, Prarie Flame Morton5 gal.
Sumac, Tiger Eyes#5
Viburnum, Arrowood5 gal. 3’/4′
Viburnum, Arrowood5′-6′
Viburnum, Arrowood Blue Muffin3 GAL
Viburnum, Arrowood Chicago Lus5′
Viburnum, Arrowood Chicago Lus5 gal. 3’/4′
Viburnum, Arrowwood5/6′
Viburnum, Blackhaw4′
Viburnum, Blackhaw7 GAL.
Viburnum, Carlesi24″
Viburnum, Carlesi3 Gal
Viburnum, Carlesi36″/42″
Viburnum, Carlesi4′-5′
Viburnum, Cayuga7 gal.
Viburnum, Chicago Lustre5.5′-6′
Viburnum, Common Snowball#5
Viburnum, Cranberry Compact3 Gal
Viburnum, Cranberry Compact5 gal.
Viburnum, Juddi3/4′
Viburnum, Juddi36″
Viburnum, Juddi5 gal.
Viburnum, Lantana Mohican#5/3′
Viburnum, Lil’ Ditty3 gal.
Viburnum, Nanum#3
Viburnum, Summer Snowflake5 gal. 18″
Weigela, Burgundy Fire#2
Weigela, Carnaval3 Gal
Weigela, Deer Red2-3′
Weigela, Fine Wine3 Gal
Weigela, Fine Wine5 gal.
Weigela, Gold Rush#3
Weigela, Midnight Wine#3
Weigela, Minuet#3
Weigela, My Monet#2
Weigela, My Monet#3
Weigela, My Monet Sunset#3
Weigela, Rainbow Sensation#3
Weigela, Red Prince# 3
Weigela, Red Prince#5
Weigela, Shining Sensation#3
Weigela, Sonic Bloom Pearl#3
Weigela, Spilled Wine#3
Weigela, Tuxedo3 gal.
Weigela, Wine and Roses#3
Weigela, Wine and Roses#5
Weigela, Wine and Roses2-3′
Willow, Arctic#3
Willow, ‘Hakuro Nishiki’#3

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