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Vine Plants & Climbing Plants

Get the classic garden look with Vines & Climbing Plants for your home!

Vine Plants & Climbing Plants

vine plants and climbing plants chicago

Chicago area vines & climbing plant material

At Home Landscape Materials Inc. we assist in a variety of landscaping needs for homeowners or businesses. There are many things that you can do with your yard and we will happily assist you in choosing what type of plants and trees to put around your home. 

Vines and Climbing plants and a classic look to any home or garden.  A interesting vine leaf combined with an elegant flowering vine can add significant curb appeal to your home.  Our team of horticulturists can assist you in choosing the right vine or climbing plant perfect for your home.

Home Landscape Materials Inc has been providing plants, perennials, trees, and more to greater Chicago area residents for over 42 years!


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Vine Plant & Climbing Plant selection:

Black Eyed Susan Vine1 gal.
Clematis4″ pot
Clematis, Assorted1 gal
Clematis, Assorted5 gal
Clematis, Bourbon1 gal.
Clematis, Carnaby1 Gal.
Clematis, Cassis2 gal.
Clematis, Chantilly1 gal.
Clematis, Comtesse de Bouchaud1 Gal.
Clematis, Comtesse de Bouchaud2 Gal.
Clematis, Diamantina2 Gal
Clematis, Diana’s Delight2 Gal
Clematis, Dr. Ruppel1 Gal.
Clematis, Duchess of Edinburgh1 Gal.
Clematis, Duchess of Edinburgh4″ pot
Clematis, Edda19 CM.
Clematis, Guernsey Cream1 gal
Clematis, Henryi1 gal
Clematis, HGTV1 gal
Clematis, Hyde Hall1 gal.
Clematis, Jackmanii1 gal
Clematis, Jackmanii2 gal
Clematis, Jackmanii4″ pot
Clematis, Jackmanii8″
Clematis, Josephine19 CM.
Clematis, Josephine2 Gal
Clematis, Miss Bateman1 gal
Clematis, Nelly Moser1 gal
Clematis, Nelly Moser4″ pot
Clematis, Niobe1 Gal.
Clematis, Niobe4″ pot
Clematis, Paniculata1 gal.
Clematis, Paniculata4″ pot
Clematis, Perrins Pride1 gal.
Clematis, Piilu8″
Clematis, Pink Champaigne1 gal.
Clematis, Princess Diana1 Gal.
Clematis, Princess Diana4″ Pot
Clematis, Rebecca2 Gal
Clematis, Rubro4″ Pot
Clematis, Shimmer2 Gal
Clematis, Snowdrift8″
Clematis, Sunset1 gal
Clematis, Sweet Autumn1 gal
Clematis, Sweet Autumn19 CM.
Clematis, Sweet Autumn2 gal.
Clematis, Sweet Summer Love1 gal
Clematis, Tekla19 CM.
Clematis, The President1 gal
Clematis, Ville de Lyon1 gal
Clematis, Vyvyan Pennell1 Gal.
Clematis, Westerplatte1 gal
Crimson Glory Vine1 Gal.
Honeysuckle Vine1 Gal
Honeysuckle Vine3 Gal
Honeysuckle Vine5 Gal
Honeysuckle Vine, Mandarin2 Gal.
Honeysuckle, Dropmore Scarlet1 Gal
Honeysuckle, Halliana Vine1 Gal
Honeysuckle, Halls White1 Gal
Ivy, Boston#1
Ivy, Boston#2
Ivy, Boston#3
Morning Glory Blue1 gal.
Silver lace vine1 gal.
Trumpet Vine# 1
Trumpet Vine#3
Trumpet Vine, Atomic Red2 gal.
Trumpet Vine, Madame Rosy2 gal.
Trumpet Vine, Madame Rosy3 Gal
Trumpet Vine, Summer Jazz Fire5 gal.
Virginia creeper1 gal
Wisteria, Amethyst Falls1 gal
Wisteria, Aunt Dee2 gal
Wisteria, Royal Purple5 gal

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