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ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses add beauty and elegance to your landscape!

Ornamental Grasses Chicago area

Providing a huge selection of Ornamental Grasses

At Home Landscape Materials Inc. we assist in a variety of landscaping needs for homeowners or businesses. There are many things that you can do with your yard and we will happily assist you in choosing what type of plants and trees to put around your home. 

Come visit our ten acre garden center and view our wide selection of perennials and ornamental grasses.  Ornamental Grasses provide a natural prairie look in an urban and even rural environment.  They are robust plants that can take the sun, heat, and winter environments.  

Ornamental Grasses additionally add a classic look to any home garden or business’s exterior.  Start your ornamental garden research below or give stop in or give us a call!


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Choose from a wide selection of Ornamental Grasses:

Grass, Adagio Maiden Grass1 gal.
Grass, Assorted1 gal.
Grass, Assorted3 gal.
Grass, Autumn Red Japanese#1
Grass, Autumn Red Japanese#2
Grass, Autumn Red Japanese#3
Grass, Avalanche#2
Grass, Avalanche#3
Grass, Big Bluestem2 Gal.
Grass, Black Mondo#1
Grass, Black Mondo4″ qt
Grass, Blood Grass Red Baron1 gal
Grass, Blue Fescue#1
Grass, Blue Oat Grass#1
Grass, Burgundy Bunny19 CM
Grass, Cabaret Var. Grass#3
Grass, Cheyenne Sky3 gal.
Grass, Dallas Blue Switch Gras3 gal.
Grass, Dwarf Fountain Grass#1
Grass, Dwarf Fountain Grass#2
Grass, Dwarf Fountain Grass#3
Grass, Evergold1 gal.
Grass, Fountain Grass#1
Grass, Giant Chinese Silver#7
Grass, Golden Bar19CM
Grass, Golden Japanese Forest19CM
Grass, Hakonechloa ‘Aureola’#1 19 CM.
Grass, Hakonechloa ‘Fubuki’#1
Grass, Hardy Plume#3
Grass, Heavy Metal Switchgrass3 gal.
Grass, Karl Foerster#1
Grass, Karl Foerster#2
Grass, Karl Foerster#3
Grass, Karley Rose19 CM
Grass, Little Bluestem#1
Grass, Maiden#3
Grass, Maiden1 gal
Grass, Maiden Eulalia#3
Grass, Maiden Nippon1 gal
Grass, Morning Light#1
Grass, Morning Light#3
Grass, Northwind Switch#3
Grass, Northwind Switch#7
Grass, Northwind Switch2 Gal
Grass, Oriental Fountain#1
Grass, Ornamental#1
Grass, Overdam Feather Reed#1
Grass, Overdam Feather Reed#2
Grass, Overdam Feather Reed#3
Grass, Pampas3 Gal
Grass, Porcupine# 2
Grass, Porcupine#1
Grass, Porcupine#3
Grass, Prarie Dropseed#1
Grass, Prarie Dropseed#2
Grass, Prarie Dropseed#3
Grass, Prarie Dropseed Tara#1
Grass, Red Fountain Switch3 Gal
Grass, Red Head1 gal.
Grass, Red Head3 gal.
Grass, Rigoletto19 CM
Grass, Shenendoah Switch# 3
Grass, Shenendoah Switch#2
Grass, Shenendoah Switch1 gal.
Grass, Silver Arrow#2
Grass, Silver Feather2 Gal
Grass, Sunflare19 CM
Grass, Var. Giant Reed#7
Grass, Variegated Sedge#1
Grass, Variegated Silver#1
Grass, Variegated Silver#3
Grass, Wht. Var. Japanese Slvr#3
Grass, Zebra#1
Grass, Zebra#3

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