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Chicago Perennial Plant Garden Center

Wide variety of Perennials to fit your garden perfectly

At Home Landscape Materials Inc. we carry a wide variety of Perennial plants that are perfect for you home or garden.  We have been providing superior perennial plants to Chicago area residents since 1977.  Come see our 10 acre Perennial Plant Garden Center located at the border of Naperville & Bolingbrook and find the perfect Perennial for your garden!  Our plants come highly rated as one of Chicago’s premier nursery.  So if you are looking for ideas of perennials, rose bushes, ornamental grasses, ground covers, or vines, we have you covered!

Wide variety of Perennials to fit your garden perfectly


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Located at 751 N Bolingbrook Dr, Bolingbrook, IL

Choose from our Huge Selection of Perennials:

African Lily, Blue Yonder19 CM
African Lily, Summer Skies19 CM
Ajuga, Bronze Beauty#1
Ajuga, Bronze BeautyQt.
Allium, Millenium1 gal.
Allium, Peek-a-Boo1 gal.
Allium, Purple Sensation1 gal.
Allium, Summer Beauty1 gal.
Amsonia, Blue Star1 Gal
Anemone, Pasque Flower19 CM
Anthea Yarrow1 gal
Asian Ground Orchid1 gal
Asparagus, Jersey Giant1 gal.
Aster, Magic8″
Aster, New York1 gal
Aster, October Skies1 gal
Aster, Purple Dome1 gal.
Aster, Purple Dome2 gal.
Aster, Woods Light Blue1 Gal
Astilbe Bridal Veil1 gal
Astilbe Color Flash1 gal
Astilbe Color Flash- Lime1 gal
Astilbe Deutschland1 Gal.
Astilbe False Spirea1 gal.
Astilbe Fanal1 gal
Astilbe Maggie Daley#1
Astilbe Montgomery19 CM
Astilbe Pumila1 gal
Astilbe Purpurkerze#1
Astilbe Rheinland1 gal
Astilbe Visions1 Gal.
Astilbe Visions in Pink1 Gal.
Astilbe Visions in Red1 Gal.
Astilbe Visions in White1 Gal.
Astilbe, Assorted1 gal
Astilbe, Hennie Graafland1 gal
Baby’s Breath1 gal
Bachelor’s Button#1
Balloon Flower1 gal.
Balloon Flower2 gal
Bee Balm, Fireball1 gal
Bee Balm, Gardenview Scarlet1 gal
Bee Balm, Jacob Cline1 Gal.
Bee Balm, Marshall’s Delight1 gal
Bee Balm, Petite Delight#2
Bee Balm, Petite Wonder1 gal.
Bee Balm, Raspberry Wine1 gal
Bellflower1 Gal
Bellflower, Blue Clips#2
Bellflower, Blue Clips19 CM
Bellflower, Blue Uniform1 gal.
Bellflower, Rapido Blue1 Gal
Bellflower, White Clips1 Gal
Black Eyed Susan2 gal
Black Eyed Susan Goldstrum1 gal
Black Eyed Susan Henry Eilers1 gal
Black Eyed Susan Herbstonne1 gal
Black Eyed Susan Irish Eyes4 1/2″ pot
Black Eyed Susan ‘Little Suzy’1 gal
Black Eyed Susan, Denver Daisy19CM
Bleeding Heart1 gal
Bleeding Heart1 gal.
Bleeding Heart3 gal
Bleeding Heart, Luxuriant1 gal.
Border Pinks1 gal
Brunnera2 gal
Brunnera, Hadspen Cream1 gal.
Brunnera, Heartleaf1 gal
Brunnera, Heartleaf2 Gal
Brunnera, Jack Frost19CM
Brunnera, Jack Frost1gal.
Brunnera, Pure/ faint of Heart1 Gal
Brunnera, Silver Heart19 CM
Brunnera, Silver Wings1 gal.
Butterfly Flower1 gal.
Calamint, Blue Cloud19 CM
Calamint, Lesser1 gal
Calamint, Montrose White1 gal
Candy Tuft 
Cardinal Flower1 gal.
Carpetbugle-Ajuga Black Scallo1 gal
Carpetbugle-Ajuga Choc. chip1 gal
Catmint, Blue Wonder1 gal
Catmint, Cat’s Meow1 gal.
Catmint, Kit Cat1 gal
Catmint, Walkers Low1 gal
Catmint, Walkers Low2 gal
Chick Charms3.5″ pot
Chick Charms, Strawberry Pot 
Chinese Ginger1 gal
Clematis, Rose Combo Pot15 gal.
Columbine, Blue Shades2 Gal.
Columbine, Blue Bird1 gal.
Columbine, Cardinal1 gal
Columbine, Origami2 Gal.
Columbine, Songbird1 gal
Columbine, Wild1 gal
Columbine, Winky Mix1 Gal
Columbine, Winky Rose1 gal
Columbine, Winky Series1 Gal
Common Yarrow1 gal
Coneflower1 gal
Coneflower, Big Sky Sundown1 gal.
Coneflower, Butterfly Kisses19 CM.
Coneflower, Cleopatra19 CM.
Coneflower, Coral Firecracker1 Gal
Coneflower, Firebird19 CM
Coneflower, Flamethrower19 CM
Coneflower, Fragrant Angel#2
Coneflower, Golden Red Hot1 Gal
Coneflower, Green Envy1 gal.
Coneflower, Harvest Moon#2
Coneflower, Harvest Moon1 gal
Coneflower, Hot Papaya19 CM
Coneflower, Julia19 CM.
Coneflower, Leilani19 CM
Coneflower, Lemon Yellow#1
Coneflower, Mac N Cheese19CM
Coneflower, Merlot19 CM
Coneflower, Milkshake19CM
Coneflower, Now Cheesier19 CM
Coneflower, Pink Poodle19CM
Coneflower, Pixie Meadowbrite1 gal.
Coneflower, Powwow Wild Berry19CM
Coneflower, Powwow Wild Berry2 gal.
Coneflower, Purple1 gal.
Coneflower, Purple (Magnus)2 gal
Coneflower, Purple NGN1 gal.
Coneflower, Raspberry Bomb1 Gal
Coneflower, Ruby Star1 Gal
Coneflower, Sombrero Hot Coral#1
Coneflower, Sombrero Salsa Red1 gal.
Coneflower, Sombrero Salsa Red2 gal.
Coneflower, Sundown#2
Coneflower, Sunrise1 Gal
Coneflower, Sunrise2 gal.
Coneflower, Sunset1 gal
Coneflower, Supreme Cantaloupe19 CM
Coneflower, Tiki Torch19CM
Coneflower, Tomato Soup19CM
Coneflower, Twilight#2
Coneflower, Virgin1 gal
Coneflower, White1 gal.
Coral Bells, Alabama Sunrise1 gal
Coral Bells, Alabama Sunrise2 gal.
Coral Bells, Amber Waves1 gal
Coral Bells, Assorted1 gal
Coral Bells, Berry Smoothie19CM
Coral Bells, Blackberry Ice1 Gal
Coral Bells, Blackcurrant1 Gal
Coral Bells, Blackout1 Gal
Coral Bells, Brazen Raisin1 Gal
Coral Bells, Caramel1 gal.
Coral Bells, Caramel19 CM
Coral Bells, Caramel2 gal
Coral Bells, Champagne19 CM
Coral Bells, Chatterbox1 gal
Coral Bells, Chatterbox2 gal
Coral Bells, Cherry Cola19 CM
Coral Bells, Cinnamon Curls1 Gal
Coral Bells, Citronelle1 gal.
Coral Bells, Cracked Ice19 CM
Coral Bells, Dales Strain1 Gal
Coral Bells, Electric Lime19 CM
Coral Bells, Fire Alarm19 CM
Coral Bells, Forever Red19 CM
Coral Bells, Georgia Peach19CM/1 gal
Coral Bells, Ginger Peach19CM
Coral Bells, Golden Zebra19 CM
Coral Bells, Green Spice1 gal
Coral Bells, Incrediblack1 Gal
Coral Bells, Key Lime Pie1 Gal
Coral Bells, Key Lime Pie19CM
Coral Bells, Lava Lamp1 Gal
Coral Bells, Leapfrog1 Gal
Coral Bells, Lime Marmalade19CM
Coral Bells, Lime Rickey1 Gal.
Coral Bells, Midnight Bayou19 CM
Coral Bells, Midnight Rose1 gal
Coral Bells, Miracle1 gal
Coral Bells, Mocha Mint1 Gal
Coral Bells, Obsidian1 GAL
Coral Bells, Orange Dream19 CM
Coral Bells, Palace Purple1 gal.
Coral Bells, Palace Purple2 gal
Coral Bells, Palace Purple3 gal
Coral Bells, Paris1 gal.
Coral Bells, Peach Crisp19 CM
Coral Bells, Peach Flambe1 gal
Coral Bells, Pistache1 gal.
Coral Bells, Plum Pudding1 gal – 19cm
Coral Bells, Plum Pudding2 Gal
Coral Bells, Plum Royale1 gal.
Coral Bells, Purple Petticoats1 gal
Coral Bells, Rio1 gal.
Coral Bells, Rio19 CM.
Coral Bells, Royal Red1 gal.
Coral Bells, Rubylicious1 gal
Coral Bells, Silver Scrolls1 gal
Coral Bells, Silver Scrolls3 gal
Coral Bells, Solar Eclipse19 CM
Coral Bells, Solar Power19 CM
Coral Bells, Sonic Smash19 CM
Coral Bells, Southern Comfort19CM
Coral Bells, Sweet Tea1 GAL
Coral Bells, Tiramisu1 gal.
Coral Bells, Wild Rose19 CM
Coral Bells, Zipper19 CM.
Coral Bells,Sanguinea Splenden1 gal
Coreopsis, Baby Sun#1
Coreopsis, Big Bang Cosmetic E19CM
Coreopsis, Creme Brulee1 gal.
Coreopsis, Creme Caramel1 gal.
Coreopsis, Flying Saucer1 gal
Coreopsis, Jethro Tull1 Gal.
Coreopsis, Moonbeam1 Gal. 19cm.
Coreopsis, Moonbeam2 gal.
Coreopsis, Red Satin#1
Coreopsis, Route 6619 CM
Coreopsis, Sienna Sunset19 CM
Coreopsis, Sunray1 Gal.
Coreopsis, Sunray2 gal.
Coreopsis, Tickseed1 Gal.
Coreopsis, Zagreb1 Gal.
Corydalis, Canary Feathers19 CM
Creeping Jenny1 gal/ 19CM
Creeping JennyPint
Creeping JennyQT.
Creeping Phlox ‘Candy Stripes’1 gal
Cushion Spurge1 GAL
Cushion Spurge2 GAL
Daylily1 gal
Daylily2 gal
Daylily, Bright Sunset1 gal
Daylily, Bright Sunset2 Gal
Daylily, Cherry Cheeks1 Gal.
Daylily, Cherry Cheeks2 gal.
Daylily, EarlyBird Cardinal1 Gal.
Daylily, Going Bananas19 CM
Daylily, Grape Velvet1 gal
Daylily, Happy Returns1 gal.
Daylily, Happy Returns2 gal
Daylily, Jolyene1 Gal
Daylily, Lavender Tonic1 Gal.
Daylily, Little Business1 Gal.
Daylily, Little Wine Cup1 Gal
Daylily, Mary Todd1 Gal
Daylily, Mauna Loa1 gal
Daylily, Moonlight Masquerade1 gal.
Daylily, Orange1 gal
Daylily, Pardon Me1 gal
Daylily, Pardon Me2 gal
Daylily, Pygmy Plum2 gal
Daylily, Rocket City1 Gal.
Daylily, Rosy Returns1 gal.
Daylily, Ruby Stella1 gal.
Daylily, Siloam Peony Display1 gal.
Daylily, Starstruck1 gal
Daylily, Stella D’Oro1 gal.
Daylily, Stella D’Oro2 gal
Daylily, Tiger1 gal
Delphinium, Blue Butterfly#2
Delphinium, Blue Mirror2 gal.
Delphinium, Blue Volkerfrieden#2F
Delphinium, Summer Cloud#1
Dianthus Coral Reef1 gal
Dianthus Paint The Town Magent1 gal
Dianthus Tiny Rubies1 gal
Dianthus, Assorted1 GAL.
Dianthus, Assorted19 CM
Dianthus, Brilliant1 gal
Dianthus, Coconut Surprise1 gal
Dianthus, Dragon Fruit1 gal
Dianthus, Eastern Star1 gal
Dianthus, Everlast Lilac Eye1 gal
Dianthus, Firewitch1 gal
Dianthus, Frosty Fire1 gal
Dianthus, Love Doctor19CM
Dianthus, Maiden Pink Brillian1 gal
Dianthus, Neon Star1 gal
Dianthus, Neon Star2 gal
Dianthus, PIxie Star1 Gal
Dianthus, Rasberry Swirl1 Gal
Dianthus, Red Beauty1 gal
Dianthus, Rita Pink Hearts1 gal
Dianthus, Spangled Star1 gal
Dianthus, Starburst1 gal
Dianthus, Witch Doctor19CM
Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’1 gal
Fall BasketBushel bskt
False Indigo2 gal.
False Indigo, Midnight1 gal.
False Indigo, Vanilla Cream1 gal.
Fern Leaf Yarrow1 gal
Fern, Autumn Brilliance1 gal
Fern, Autumn or Japanese Sword1 gal.
Fern, Branford Beauty1 gal.
Fern, Burgundy Lace19 CM
Fern, Cinnamon1 gal
Fern, Dre’s Dagger1 gal.
Fern, Frilly Tatting19 CM
Fern, Ghost1 gal
Fern, Japanese Painted1 gal
Fern, Lady1 gal.
Fern, Lady in Red1 gal
Fern, Maidenhair1 gal
Fern, Ostrich1 gal
Fern, Ostrich3 gal.
Fern, Red Beauty1 gal
Fern, Robust Male3 gal
Fern, Wildwood Twist19 CM
Ficus, Brown Turkey3 Gal
Foxglove, Camelot Creme19CM
Foxglove, Camelot Lav19CM
Foxglove, Camelot Rose19CM
Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades1 gal.
Gaillardia Arizona Sun1 gal.
Gaillardia Arizona Sun2 gal
Gaillardia Fanfare Blaze2 gal
Gaillardia Goblin1 Gal
Gaillardia Goblin2 gal
Gaillardia, Frenzy Blanket19CM
Geranium1 gal
Geranium, Bloody Cranes Bill1 gal
Geranium, Johnson’s Blue1 gal
Geranium, Johnson’s Blue2 gal
Geranium, Jolly Bee1 Gal.
Geranium, Karmina1 gal
Geranium, Max Frei1 Gal
Geranium, Max Frei2 Gal
Geranium, New Hampshire Purple2 gal
Geranium, Rozanne#1/19cm.
Geranium, Rozanne2 GAL.
Geranium, Striatum19 CM.
Geranium, Tiny Monster1 Gal
Geum, Flames of Passion1 gal
Geum, Mango Lassi#1
Geum, Triflorum#1
Golden Oregano1 gal
Goldenrod, Fireworks1 Gal
Goldenrod, Little Lemon1 Gal.
Grapeleaf Anemome1 gal
Heather Mediterranean Pink1 gal. 6″
Heather Mediterranean White1 gal. 6″
Helilopsis, Summer Sun1 gal.
Hens & Chicks#1
Hibiscus2 gal
Hibiscus ‘Blue River II’3 gal.
Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’2 gal.
Hibiscus ‘Kopper King’3 gal
Hibiscus ‘Lord Baltimore’3 gal.
Hibiscus ‘Mars Madness2 gal.
Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’3 gal
Hibiscus ‘Party Favor’3 gal
Hibiscus ‘Peppermint Schnapps’3 gal
Hibiscus ‘Summer in Paradise’1 gal.
Hibiscus, ‘Turn of the Century2 gal
Hosta, Abba Dabba Do1 gal
Hosta, Albo-Marginata1 gal
Hosta, Albo-Marginata2 gal
Hosta, Antioch2 gal
Hosta, Antioch3 gal
Hosta, Assorted1 gal
Hosta, Assorted1 gal
Hosta, Assorted2 gal
Hosta, Assorted3 gal
Hosta, August Moon1 gal
Hosta, Autumn Frost1 Gal.
Hosta, Autumn Frost2 Gal.
Hosta, Big Daddy1 Gal.
Hosta, Blazing Saddles19CM
Hosta, Blue Cadet#3
Hosta, Blue Mouse Ears1 gal
Hosta, Bright Lights1 gal
Hosta, Brim Cup1 gal
Hosta, Cathedral Windows19CM
Hosta, Coast to Coast1 gal.
Hosta, Coast to Coast3 gal.
Hosta, Dream Queen1 gal
Hosta, Earth Angel19 CM
Hosta, Elegans#2
Hosta, Elegans#3
Hosta, Elegans1 gal
Hosta, Empres Wu1 GAL
Hosta, Empres Wu2 GAL
Hosta, Empres Wu3 Gal
Hosta, Fire and Ice1 gal
Hosta, First Frost19 CM/1 Gal.
Hosta, Fragrant Blue1 gal
Hosta, Francee2 gal
Hosta, Frances Williams1 gal
Hosta, Frances Williams3 gal.
Hosta, Gold Standard1 gal
Hosta, Golden Tiara1 gal
Hosta, Goldmine1 gal
Hosta, Great Expectations19 CM
Hosta, Guacamole#3
Hosta, Guacamole1 gal.
Hosta, Guacamole19cm
Hosta, Halcyon1 gal
Hosta, Honeybells1 gal
Hosta, Hoosier Harmony1 gal
Hosta, Hush Puppies19CM
Hosta, Island Breeze19 CM
Hosta, June1 gal.
Hosta, Krossa Regal1 gal
Hosta, Liberty1 gal
Hosta, Medio Variegata1 gal.
Hosta, Minuteman1 gal
Hosta, Moonstruck1 gal
Hosta, Old Glory19CM
Hosta, Orange Marmalade1 gal.
Hosta, Paradigm1 gal.
Hosta, Patriot#2
Hosta, Patriot#3
Hosta, Patriot1 gal.
Hosta, Paul Revere19 CM
Hosta, Paul’s Glory#1
Hosta, Prairie Sky19 CM
Hosta, Queen Josephine1 gal
Hosta, Rainforest Sunrise1 gal
Hosta, Remember Me19 CM
Hosta, Royal Standard1 gal
Hosta, Royal Standard4″ pot
Hosta, Sagae1 gal
Hosta, Sara’s Sensation1 gal
Hosta, Stained Glass1 gal.
Hosta, Sum & Substance1 gal
Hosta, Sum & Substance2 gal
Hosta, Sum & Substance3 gal
Hosta, Sun Power1 gal
Hosta, Tokudama1 gal.
Hosta, Touch of Class1 gal.
Hosta, Tropical Storm19 CM
Hosta, True Blue 
Hosta, Victory19 CM.
Hosta, Vulcan19CM
Hosta, Wheee!1 Gal.
Hosta, Whirlwind19 CM
Houttuynia Chameleon1 gal
Houttuynia Chameleon2 gal
Hypericum Magical Pumpkin19 CM
Hypericum Red Star19 CM
Hypericum White19 CM
Iris1 gal
Iris “Baby Blessed”1 gal
Iris ‘Autumn Cirous’1 gal
Iris ‘Batik’1 gal
Iris ‘Best Bet’1 gal
Iris ‘Blue Butterfly’1 gal
Iris ‘Immortality’1 gal
Iris ‘Mother Earth’1 gal
Iris ‘Sugar Blues’1 gal
Iris, Assorted2 gal.
Iris, ‘Caesar’s Brother’1 gal
Iris, ‘Caesar’s Brother’2 Gal.
Iris, Ruffel Feathers1 Gal.
Iris, Ruffled Velvet#1
Iris, Siberian Butter and Suga1 Gal
Iris, Siberian-Snow Queen2 gal
Iris, Silver Edge1 gal
Iris, Variegated#1
Iris, Variegated19 CM
Irish Moss1 gal
Jasminium Stephanense1 gal
Jeepers Creepers1 gal
Jeepers Creepersqt.
Joe Pye Weed#1
Joe Pye Weed#2
Labrador Violet1 gal
Lady’s Mantle1 gal
Lady’s Mantle2 gal
Lady’s Mantle, Thriller19 CM
Lamb’s Ear1 gal
Lamb’s Ear, Helen Von Stein1 gal
Lamium1 gal.
Lamium, ChequersQT
Lamium, Orchid FrostQT
Lamium, Shell Pink1 gal.
Lamium, Shell PinkPT
Lamium, White Nancy1 gal.
Lamium, White NancyQT
Lavender, English1 gal.
Lavender, English1 gal.
Lavender, EnglishQT
Lavender, Grosso19 CM.
Lavender, Hidcote1 gal./19 CM
Lavender, Phenomenal19 CM
Lavender, Provence19 CM
Lavender, Purple Sequins1 Gal
Lavender, Silver Mist19 CM
Lavender, Silveredge19 CM
Lenten Rose, Berry Swirl19 CM
Lenten Rose, Blue Lady1 gal
Lenten Rose, Brandywine1 gal
Lenten Rose, Cinnamon Snow19 CM
Lenten Rose, Cotton Candy19 CM
Lenten Rose, HGC Champion19 CM
Lenten Rose, Ivory Prince19 CM
Lenten Rose, Merlin19 CM
Lenten Rose, Pink Lady1 gal
Lenten Rose, Red Lady1 gal
Lenten Rose, Ruby Wine19 CM
Liatris, Kobold#2
Liatris, Kobold1 gal
Liatris, Kobold3 gal
Ligularia ‘Desdemona’2 gal.
Ligularia ‘Othello’2 gal.
Ligularia, Bottle Rocket1 Gal
Ligularia, BritMarie Crawford#1
Ligularia, Midnight Lady#2
Ligularia, Rocket2 gal.
Lily of the Valley1 Gal.
Lily of the Valley1 qt
Lily, Sunny Bonaire19 CM
Lily, Tiny Bee19 CM
Lily, Tiny Diamond19 CM
Lily, Tiny Dino19 CM
Lily, Tiny Hope19 CM
Lily, Tiny Padhye19 CM
Lily, Tiny Poems19 CM
Lily, Tiny Spider19 CM
Lily, Tiny Todd19CM
Liriope1 GAL
Liriope1 Pt.
Liriope, Silvery Sunproof1 GAL
Lirope, Big Blue#1
Loosestrife, Gooseneck1 gal
Loosetrife, Winged# 1
Lungwort, Bertram Anderson1 gal
Lungwort, Bertram Anderson2 gal
Lungwort, Cotton Cool1 gal
Lungwort, Raspberry Splash1 gal
Lungwort, Sissinghurst White1 GAL
Lungwort, Trevi Fountain1 gal
Lupine Gallery Mix1 gal.
Lupine Minarette1 gal.
Lupine Russell Hybrid19 CM
Manchurian Violet1 gal
Mandevilla Crimson15 ” basket
Mangave, Bloodspot19 CM
Missouri Evening Primrose1 gal
Mount Atlas Daisy1 gal
MUM10″ Basket
MUM14″/ 5 gal
MUM2 gal.
Nooks & Crannies Assorted1 gal
Nooks & Crannies Assorted3.5″
Obedient Plant1 gal
Obedient Plant ‘Miss Manners’1 gal
Oriental Lily ‘Star Gazer’1 gal
Oriental Lily ‘X-Otica’1 gal
Penstemon1 gal
Penstemon – Dark Towers1 gal
Penstemon- Huskers Red1 gal
Penstemon- Huskers Red2 gal
Penstemon- Little Red Riding1 gal
Penstemon- Little Red Riding2 gal
Penstemon- Pink Riding Hood1 gal
Penstemon- Prairie Dusk2 gal.
Peony, Alexander Fleming2 Gal.
Peony, Duchesse de Nemours2 Gal.
Peony, Kansas2 Gal.
Peony, Karl Rosenfield2 Gal
Peony, Karl Rosenfield3 Gal
Peony, Monsieur Jules Elie2 Gal.
Peony, Rachel3 GAL
Peony, Sarah Bernhardt2 gal
Peony, Shirley Temple2 Gal
Peony, Sorbet2 gal
Perennial Assorted#1
Perennial Assorted#2
Perennial AssortedQT
Perennial AssortedQuarts
Perennial PintsPints
Phlox, Blue Open Act Blush1 gal.
Phlox, Blue Paradise1 gal.
Phlox, Bright Eyes1 GAL
Phlox, Bubblegum Pink19CM
Phlox, Coral Creme Drop19CM
Phlox, Cotton Candy19CM
Phlox, Creeping#2
Phlox, CreepingQT
Phlox, Creeping Atropurpurea#2
Phlox, Creeping Blue1 gal./19 CM
Phlox, Creeping Blue2 Gal.
Phlox, Creeping Pink#2
Phlox, Creeping Pink1 gal./19 cm
Phlox, Creeping Red1 gal.
Phlox, Creeping Snowflake1 Gal
Phlox, Creeping White1 Gal
Phlox, David1 Gal.
Phlox, Emerald Purple#1
Phlox, Forever Pink1 gal.
Phlox, Fort Hill1 gal.
Phlox, gaden1 Gal
Phlox, Grape Lollipop19CM
Phlox, Minnie Pearl1 gal.
Phlox, Nicky1 gal.
Phlox, Volcano1 gal
Pigsqueak, Bresssingham Ruby1 gal
Pigsqueak, Winter Glow1 gal
Plants That Work1 gal.
Plants that Work1 Qt
Primrose, Missouri#1
Primrose, Siskiyou Pink19 CM.
Purple Loosetrife1 gal
Rose of Sharon, Hawaii3 gal
Russian Sage1 gal / 19CM
Russian Sage2 gal
Russian Sage ‘Little Spire’1 gal
Russian Sage ‘Little Spire’2 gal
Sage, Blue Hill Meadow#1
Sage, Meadow Rhapsody in Blue1 Gal
Salvia, Blue Hill Meadow Sage2 gal
Salvia, Caradonna1 GAL
Salvia, Dimension Rose1 gal.
Salvia, East Friesland1 gal
Salvia, East Friesland1 gal
Salvia, East Friesland2 gal.
Salvia, Eveline1 gal.
Salvia, Lavender Blue1 GAL
Salvia, Marcus1 Gal
Salvia, May Night#2
Salvia, May Night1 gal
Salvia, Meadow Sage1 gal
Salvia, Pink Friesland#1
Salvia, Raspberry Ruby1 Gal
Salvia, Sensation Rose1 GAL
Salvia, Silver Blue1 Gal
Scabiosa, ‘Butterfly Blue’#2
Sea Pink1 gal
Sedoro Blue Elf19 CM.
Sedum2 gal
Sedum, Assorted1 Gal.
Sedum, Autumn Joy#2
Sedum, Autumn Joy#3
Sedum, Autumn Joy1 gal.
Sedum, Bertram Anderson1 gal
Sedum, Bertram Andersonflat
Sedum, Cherry Tart19CM
Sedum, Chocolate Drop19 CM
Sedum, Dazzleberry1 gal
Sedum, Flaming Carpet19 CM
Sedum, Gold#1
Sedum, Lime Zinger1 gal.
Sedum, Lime Zinger19 CM
Sedum, Neon1 gal.
Sedum, Red Carpet1 Gal
Sedum, Stonecrop1 gal.
Sedum, StonecropFlat
Sedum, Stonecrop Matrona1 gal
Sedum, Stonecrop Matrona3 gal
Sedum, Strawberries & Cream1 gal
Sedum, Voodoo19 CM
Self-Heal Prunnela grandiflora1 gal
Sequoia Strawberry#1
Shasta Daisy, Alaska1 gal.
Shasta Daisy, Banana Cream1 gal.
Shasta Daisy, Banana Cream2 Gal
Shasta Daisy, Becky1 gal.
Shasta Daisy, Becky2 gal
Shasta Daisy, Light N Breezy1 gal.
Shasta Daisy, Limon Love1 gal.
Shasta Daisy, Snowcap1 gal
Shasta Daisy, Sunny Side Up1 gal
Shasta Daisy, Victorian Secret1 gal.
Silver Mound1 Gal.
Snow in Summer1 gal
Speedwell ‘Georgia Blue”1 gal
Speedwell ‘waterperry’1 gal
Spiderwort, Sweet Kate1 gal.
Sweet Flag1 gal
Sweet Woodruff19 CM.
Sweet WoodruffQT
Thyme, Pink Chintz1 gal.
Turtlehead1 gal.
Turtlehead – Hot Lips1 gal.
Veronica, Crater Lake Blue1 GAL
Veronica, Eveline#1
Veronica, Goodness Grows1 gal
Veronica, Icicle#1
Veronica, Longifolia1 gal
Veronica, Pupleiscious1 gal.
Veronica, Red Fox2 gal
Veronica, Royal Candles# 2
Veronica, Royal Candles19 CM/1gal.
Veronica, Sunny Border Blue2 gal
Veronica, Sweet Lullaby1 gal.
Veronica, White Wands1 gal.
Viola, Lilac Confidence1 Gal
Wallfower, English1 Gal
Whorled Loosestrife4″ pot
Windflower1 gal
Wooly Thyme1 gal
Yarrow, Altgold1 gal
Yarrow, Lilac Beauty1 gal
Yarrow, Moonshine1 gal.
Yarrow, Moonshine2 gal
Yarrow, Sibirica Love Parade1 gal
Yarrow, Wolly1 Gal
Yellow Archangel1 gal

Our Most Popular Perennial Plants:


May Night Salvia (pictured above) is one of most popular perennials due to its bright color and long lasting flowering period (spring, into summer).

Purple Palace Coral Bell

A favorite perennial for planting under trees. Adds color to any planting bed. Likes shade, but tolerates sun. Grows 18-24″ in height by 12″ spread. Coral Bells are available in a few different varieties that include different colors and leaf textures.

Shasta Daisy, ” Thomas Killen”

The Shasta Daisy is well known for its beautiful white flowers throughout the summer. There are many different varieties, the “Thomas Killen” pictured to the right is well known due to the large flower and double row of white petals in the summer. The “Alaska” is another form of the Shasta Daisy that does well in the area, it has smaller flowers than the “Thomas Killen” but are similar with white petals and gold centers

All Shasta Daisy grow 24-30″ in height and spacing should be 18-24″ apart.

The Shasta Daisy prefers sun or light shade.

Sedum, Stonecrop “Matrona”

Hybrid form of Sedum, has waxy pink-edged gray-green leaves. Large clusters of pink flowers open in late summer.

Grows 24″ to 30″ tall and spacing should be 18″.

Sedum, Stonecrop “Autumn Joy” is also a popular cultivar of Sedum. It grows to 24″ and has green foliage with pinkish/red clusters of flowers.

Purple Coneflower

The Purple Coneflower is popular for the tall raised flowers blooming in the summer, also available as “Alba Coneflower” which has white petals with the same orange/brown centers.

The Coneflower can tolerate heat, drought, and winds.

Grows from 24″ to 36″ tall and should be spaced 18-24″.

Tolerates full sun, and prefers well drained soil.

Rudbeckia, “Black Eyed Susan”

A showy type of Coneflower that has yellow petals on the flower with a dark center. “Black Eyed Susan” are compact and grow rapidly in fertile soil.

Grows up to 36″ tall and spreads close to 20″. Blooms last from midsummer to fall.

Prefers full sun to part shade.

Perennials For the Fall


Hardy Mums are a very popular perennial to add fall color to your landscape. Mums range from 12″-24″ tall and spread up to 18″.

Flowers come in late summer through the fall. Can handle full sun to part shade and prefer well drained soil.

Available in a variety of colors

Aster, Novae-Angliae “Purple Dome”

New England Aster- wide color range available.

Flowers in late summer into fall, grows 18″ tall x 15″ wide.

Compact branching habit makes for full compact flowers in fall.

Likes Sun.

Iris Variegated Leaf

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