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At Home Landscape Materials Inc. we assist in a variety of landscaping needs for homeowners or businesses. There are many things that you can do with your yard and we will happily assist you in choosing what type of plants and trees to put around your home. Come visit our ten acre garden center for any of the following needs:

Following Patio Block choices:

Choose from a variety of pavers that add livability to your yard!

Elegant retaining walls that help your yard stand out with different contours that add appeal to your yard!

Get the look of natural stone with our variety of natural stone products that can be used for any type of hardscaping for your yard!

**** Large quanities of any retaining wall and paver bricks should be ordered in advance. Due to the large variety of blocks/bricks and colors all blocks are not always in stock.

Cinder Blocks8″ x 16″
Patio Block, Agg. Black12 x 12
Patio Block, Agg. Black12″ Round
Patio Block, Agg. Black18 x 18
Patio Block, Agg. Black18″ Round
Patio Block, Agg. Black24 x 24
Patio Block, Agg. Black24″ Moon
Patio Block, Agg. Black24″ Round
Patio Block, Agg. Brown12 x 12
Patio Block, Agg. Brown12″ Round
Patio Block, Agg. Brown18 x 18
Patio Block, Agg. Brown18″ Round
Patio Block, Agg. Brown24 x 24
Patio Block, Agg. Brown24″ Moon
Patio Block, Agg. Brown24″ Round
Patio Block, Brick Face18 x 18
Patio Block, Brick Face18 x 18
Patio Block, Brick Face18 x 18
Patio Block, Cobblestone18 x 18 squa
Patio Block, Grey12 x 12
Patio Block, Grey18 x 18
Patio Block, Grey24 x 24
Patio Block, Grey Round12″ round
Patio Block, Grey Round18″ round
Patio Block, Grey Round24″ round
Patio Block, Keystone18 x 18
Patio Block, Tree Rounds18″ round
Splash Blocks12 x 24″

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