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How to Have a Painless Home Improvement Project

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You’ve probably heard horror stories from your family and friends about home improvement projects gone awry. Missed deadlines, shoddy craftsmanship, general unprofossionalism – it’s enough to make you nervous about something that should make you excited!

We can help – working in the home improvement industry, we know the steps to vet your contractor to ensure a painless project with great end results.

Take these 3 steps and start your project with confidence with the right home improvement contracting company!

Know the Process

When you first call a potential home improvement company, get all the details for what to expect. Do they offer free estimates? They should! This is a value to you, since you can then have their expert have a look at the issue and suggest improvements that will match your home.

Our friends at Richmond Exteriors, the top-rated Indianapolis roofing company, offer a full roofing inspection with their free estimates. You want to know details like that in advance!

Do Your Homework

Have you ever read the reviews AFTER buying a product, and kicked yourself in the shin for missing all the negative ones? We have too! Be sure to read the contractor’s reviews on the BBB, on Google, and on their website!

Get a Plan

Once you decide to work with a company, get all of the steps of the project laid out – preferably in writing, like in a summary email! You should know the date you can expect work to begin, the date when payment is expected, and all the other little details that will take the guesswork out of your project.

There you have it! 3 easy steps to take for a more predictable and less stressful home improvement project.

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