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How Can I trust a contractor?

In today’s market it is very difficult to find find a contractor you can rely on.  How can you guarantee you find the right contractor?  We can answer that for you here!

Why Can’t I Find the right Contractor?

The first question you should ask is where are you looking? 

To find a reliable contractor that will help you get your ideal home improvement project completed, we recommend you start closer to home.  Start with family, friends, possibly people in your neighborhood or community.  This will ensure you are getting real honest word of mouth referrals.  

The best place to start is a referral from someone you know, but you should not just stop there!  You will want to find two to three contractors that were referred.  You should then cross-reference your decision for more information on the contractor.

Check out the Better Business Bureau. Here you will find complaints and bad reviews against the potential contractor you are investigating.  Please don’t jump to conclusions because event the best contractors might have a small blemish.  Check to see if the dispute has been resolved.

Next, you should check out the online community to see what reviews and case studies have to say about the contractor.  You can check out Angie’s List, Consumers’ Checkbook, Craigslist, Yelp reviews. The Roofers in Dayton OH at DryTech Exteriors recommend you look at a contractor’s BBB profile before choosing a contractor.

Don’t check out just one review site, select several to get a good scope of their work.

Check out the website of the contractor and see real life photos of their completed jobs.  If they don’t have real photos then ask for real photos as well as contact information for their case studies.

Don’t hesitate to ask another homeowner what the experience was really like working with that contractor.  Good luck in selecting the right contractor for your next project!

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