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3 Steps to Better Rankings for Home Improvement Companies


When it comes to growing your remodeling business, growing your reputation is an important component to your overall strategy. We spoke with the leading home improvement contractors and asked how they maintain their 5-star reputation for top-line revenue. Here’s what they said!

  1. AirPro Carolina, Raleigh HVAC company: Ask every customer for their feedback. Good, bad, and ugly, it all helps you grow your business!
  2. 1 Day Bath of Texas, Austin bathroom remodeler: Target 3-5 review sites and set a numerical, written goal for how many reviews you want. Aim for that goal and have a team member who owns the goal!
  3. Nu-Face Home Improvements, Plainfield CT bathroom remodeler: Take care of your customers – if someone looks to be headed towards anything but a 5-star experience, shower them in care and attention until the project is back on track. Then ask them for a 5-star review!

And there you have it, a quick 3-step guide to getting better rankings!

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