GOLD RUSH WEIGELA – is a shrub with green and gold variegated┬áleaves and has pink flowers that bloom throughout the summer.



LIMELIGHT HYDRANGEA – is a shrub with cream colored flowers throughout the summer





Barberry, Golden

Barberry, Pygmy

Barberry, Red

Barberry, Rosy Glow

Burning Bush, Dwarf

Chokeberry, Black

Clethra, Summersweet (white)

Cotoneaster, Peking

Cotoneaster, Cranberry

Currant, Alpine

Currant, Green Mound

Dogwood, Red (Bailey)

Dogwood, Variegated (red twig)

Dogwood, Yellow

Forsythia, Meadow Lark

Hydrangea, Annabelle (white)

Hydrangea, Climbing (Vine, white flower)

Hydrangea, Blue Lace

Hydrangea, Oak Leaf

Hydrangea, Tardiva

Hydrangea, Lime Light

Hydrangea, Endless Summer

Hydrangea, Unique

Lilac, Common

Lilac, Dwarf Korean

Lilac, Beauty of Moscow (white)

Lilac, Lemoine (double white)

Lilac, President Grevey (double blue)

Lilac, Michael Buckner (lavender)

Lilac, Miss Kim

Lilac, Persian

Mockorange, Snowflake

Ninebark Diabolo

Plum, Purple

Potentilla, Coronation Triumph (yellow)

Potentilla, McKay (white)

Potentilla, Goldfinger

Privet, Cheyenne

Privet, Vicary Gold

Quince, Texas Scarlet

Rose of Sharon

Smokebush, Royal Purple

Spirea, Anthony Waterer

Spirea, Bridalwreath

Spirea, Goldflame

Spirea, Gold Mound

Spirea, Little Princess

Spirea, Magic Carpet

Spirea, Shirobana

Spirea, Snowmound

Sumac, Grow Low

Tall Hedge

Viburnum, Arrowood

Viburnum, Carlesi (Korean Spice)

Viburnum, Cayuga

Viburnum, Juddi

Viburnum, Lantana Mohican

Viburnum, Snowball

Weigela, Wine and Roses (Alexandra)

Weigela, Java Red

Weigela, Polka

Weigela, Red Prince

Weigela, Variegated

Willow, Pussy

Willow, Dwarf Japanese (Hakuro Nishiki)

Witchazel, Vernalis

Witchazel, Common (Virginia)