The Home Landscape Materials Estimate & Design Process

At Home Landscape Materials, we offer a complete landscape design and installation service. We will create our designs carefully according to individual preferences in design and plant selection. Designs are created to compliment each home in a variety of ways; using edging, retaining walls, shrubs, trees, mulch and stone.

I. Contact Home Landscape Materials

Customers may contact Home Landscape Materials Inc. by coming in to the garden center, or via telephone (630-759-1205). We will have one of our landscape designers make an appointment to meet with the homeowner at the house and go over some options available to you. Estimates are free, and the cost of designs vary on the amount of property being designed. If the homeowner would like Home Landscape Materials to do the installation of materials on the design, the cost of the design can be used toward those materials.

II. In Home Consultation

After the appointment is made, one of our designers will come out to the house to give an estimate citing approximately how much it would cost for Home Landscape Materials to do the work. If the customer likes the ideas of the designer we can arrange for a design to be made in a short time period. The cost of designs may vary upon the amount of property being designed. The cost of the design can be assessed to materials on the job should the homeowner decide to have Home Landscape Materials do the work.

If the customer wants to install the materials/nursery stock themselves: they could get the design and materials/nursery stock from Home Landscape Materials and assess the cost of the design towards these materials.

III. Proposal

Once the estimate is finalized and the design is finished the customer may make any changes they would like before entering into an agreement. Once all changes are finalized a contract will be made. The contract will list everything that is to be done along with specifications on labor and design. If the customer wants to go ahead with the job, they sign the contract and put down a deposit on the job. Once this is all finalized the customer is added to the schedule. The wait for work depends on the time of year and is typically not too long.

IV. Laying Out the Job

Typically for larger jobs, our designer will come to the customer’s home one more time to spray paint where we will be planting trees/shrubs, cutting out beds or installing edging/retaining walls. For smaller jobs the designer may just lay out the design the day of installation. Customers are more than welcome to come in to the nursery and select their plants themselves before installation.

V. Installation

The last step involved in the landscape process is the installation of the design. Generally, the designer will come out to the house one last time to set out all materials in their desired locations. The foreman of the job will have direct instructions from the designer to assure that the work is done to the customers liking.