Decorative Stone and Mulch

Types of Mulch





Red Dyed Mulch

(in bulk or bags)








Cedar Mulch

(in bulk or bags)








Cypress Mulch

(In bulk or bags)








Hardwood Mulch

(In bulk or bags)









Play Mat

(In bulk only)





Types of Decorative Stone





Large Merrimac Stone

(In bulk or bag)








American Heritage Stone

(In bulk or bag)








Small A Stone

(In bulk or bag)





Also available in bulk and bags:

Limestone - 3/4" washed Limestone,

#8 (road mix) base stone, Limestone Screenings

Pea Gravel, Fine Sand, Coarse Sand, Mushroom Compost and Topsoil


There are other types of stone and mulch available in bags.

Mulch, Bags Only

Western Bark Chips, Moor Bark, Gold and Black Dyed


Stone, Bags Only

Lava Rock- Black, Red, Small Red, Red/Black Mix

Midnight Trap Rock, Coral Crush, Grey Slate,

 Small Merrimac, White Marble, Sand Pebbles,

Salt and Pepper, and Rockwood Nuggets


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